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Highlights: Antiquing Weekends -- Two Excursions Across America
Autumn-Winter 2006
Author Gladys Montgomery specializes in architecture, period interiors, historic preservation, travel, and here she sews them all together with informed details on where to look for antiques across America. Divided into regions; the Mid-Atlantic...
Highlights: Bejewelled by Tiffany, 1837-1987
Autumn-Winter 2006
Famous for its glamour, creative design, and fine craftsmanship, Tiffany & Co. began in New York in 1837 as a modest "fancy goods" store on Broadway. By mid-century its jewelry was stunning the world at the great international exhibitions of the...
Highlights: British Satirical Prints
Autumn-Winter 2006
Ranging from comic commentary on fashion to scathing political attacks, the exhibition includes works by some of the most celebrated artists of this genre; among them, William Hogarth (1697-1764), once paid a royal bribe not to depict King George III...
Highlights: Clement Massier -- Master of Iridescence
Autumn-Winter 2006
The inspiration behind Louis Comfort Tiffany’s celebrated iridescent favrile glass, Clément Massier (1844–1917) belonged to a family of potters in the south of France dating back to his great-grandfather Pierre Massier in the eighteenth century....
Highlights: Collecting Modernism
Autumn-Winter 2006
"To have the finest work of Mondrian, Picasso, Kandinsky, among others, on display at the Museum of Fine Arts is a dream come true," says curator Tim Rodgers. The works, representing significant examples from all the major European modernist movements....
Highlights: Country Living American Glassware -- What is it? What is it worth?
Autumn-Winter 2006
Many people do not understand the value of glass. This book provides readers with historical and comparative information that will help them learn the difference between those objects that can have value and those that do not. Types of glass covered...
Highlights: Courbet and the Modern Landscape
Autumn-Winter 2006
The landscapes of Gustave Courbet (1819-1877) are radically innovative, yet they have been largely overlooked for more than a hundred years. Today Courbet is best known for his monumental figurative works, but he also defied the traditions of European...
Highlights: George Inness -- A Catalogue Raisonne
Autumn-Winter 2006
Michael Quick, former curator of American art at the LA County Museum of Art and one of the foremost George Inness authorities provides a detailed look at the artist's long career. Includes commentary on individual works, Inness's stylistic and...
Highlights: George Ohr, Art Potter -- The Apostle of Individuality
Autumn-Winter 2006
Named the "the Mad Potter of Biloxi" for his eccentric personality and radical potting forms, George Ohr (1857-1918) from Biloxi, Alabama, anticipated abstract expressionism by at least fifty years. Earning only minor success in his lifetime and...
Highlights: Hyde Park Antiques Celebrates 40 Years
Autumn-Winter 2006
Reflecting recently on his long career, gallery owner Bernard Karr had this to say, “Like most collectors, I had set out simply to furnish my own home with beautiful objects. But the more I looked and learned, the more...
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