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About Antiques and Fine Art

Welcome to AntiquesandFineArt.com, your complete resource for an extraordinary selection of antiques and art, direct access to expert dealers, and timely information pertinent to collecting.

About Us

Antiques & Fine Art Magazine is the leading magazine for the sophisticated antiques and fine art audience. Unsurpassed in quality and recognized as the new "magazine of record" for those interested in antiques and fine art through the 20th century, no other magazine combines exclusive features on collectors’ homes, historic resorts, noteworthy sales, market trends, and investing, with educational articles and highlights. All with the largest advertising base of America’s leading galleries, dealers, and auction houses.

Launched at the 47th Annual Winter Antiques Show in January 2000, Antiques & Fine Art Magazine is a bimonthly magazine devoted to bringing together active buyers and sellers of antiques and art. Antiques & Fine Art's website, AntiquesandFineArt.com, which debuted on the magazine's one-year anniversary, offers even more inventory from a select network of dealers. Both in print and on the web, Antiques & Fine Art offers information at your fingertips.

Antiques & Fine Art features an exclusive group of renowned dealers who are specialists in their fields and can provide the experience and knowledge of the art and antiques market necessary to guide you on your collecting quest. Antiques & Fine Art encourages the formation of relationships between collectors and dealers. Browse through the magazine or website using our comprehensive search technology, discover an object or work of art, and ask questions — access to expert dealers is as direct as a phone call or email away.

Developed by antiques collector John Smiroldo, Antiques & Fine Art Magazine and AntiquesandFineArt.com were launched after considerable market research. Mr. Smiroldo recognized a need in the art and antiques collecting field for a single source publication designed in an easy-to-follow format and a highly searchable web resource, showcasing inventory from premier dealers. Antiques & Fine Art's management and editorial team includes professionals with extensive experience in the museum, auction, gallery, internet, and publishing fields.

AntiquesandFineArt.com is continually updated with exceptional art and antiques and timely information. The bi-monthly printed Antiques & Fine Art is distributed through subscription, directly to collectors at top art and antiques shows, and at select bookstores worldwide.

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Antiques & Fine Art Magazine
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Available Monday-Friday 9 a.m.-5 p.m. Eastern Standard Time. Call us at 617.926.0004, or Toll Free at 888.922.0004. Send email inquiries to support@AntiquesandFineArt.com

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To request information about advertising in Antiques & Fine Art and our website, AntiquesandFineArt.com, Call us at 617.926.0004, or Toll Free at 888.922.0004. Send email inquiries to ads@AntiquesandFineArt.com

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AntiquesandFineArt.com is the leading site for collectors, designers, art and antique enthusiasts, dealers, museum professionals and scholars. Featuring outstanding inventory for sale from top antique and art dealers, educational articles on fine and decorative arts, and a calendar listing upcoming antiques shows and fairs.

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Antiques and Fine Art is the leading site for antique collectors, designers, and enthusiasts of art and antiques. Featuring outstanding inventory for sale from top antiques & art dealers, educational articles on fine and decorative arts, and a calendar listing upcoming antiques shows and fairs.