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Museum Focus: Beyeler Foundation
Early Summer 2009
The stylish and serene municipality of Riehen, situated on the right bank of the Rhine River at the northeastern edge of Basel, Switzerland, is home to the Beyeler Foundation, a remarkable small
The American Wing at The Metropolitan Museum of Art
Early Summer 2009
Art may be eternal, but what it means to people isn't, and that's why each generation displays it differently. The Metropolitan Museum of Art, which first exhibited the arts of colonial America precisely one hundred years ago,
The Call of the Coast: Art Colonies of New England
Early Summer 2009
The coast of New England has long attracted tourists drawn to the primal drama of wave on rock or the soothing play of glasslike ocean greeting sandy shore.
Winterthur Primer: Taste or Technology? Changing Silver Borders
Early Summer 2009
From the time America declared independence, silversmiths experimented with methods for achieving uniform and stylish ornament for their silver.
1934: A New Deal for Artists
Spring 2009
When Franklin Delano Roosevelt was inaugurated President in March 1933, the United States of America was in crisis. The nation had fallen into a profound depression after the stock market crash of October 1929.
A Ceremonial Desk by Robert Walker, Virginia Cabinetmaker
Spring 2009
This commanding desk is among the most significant discoveries in Southern furniture to come to light in recent decades. The desk's remarkable iconography -- including hairy paw feet, knees carved with lions' heads, and the bust of a Roman statesman
A Tale of Two Sisters: The Davies Collection of French Art from National Museum Wales
Spring 2009
Between 1908 and 1924, two sisters amassed the bulk of one of the earliest and most extensive collections of late-nineteenth- and early-twentieth-century French paintings in Britain, at a time when such art was routinely ignored by individuals and
ADA Forum: Philip Zea -- 2009 ADA Merit Award Recipient
Spring 2009
Philip Zea has been selected as the recipient of the 2009 Antique Dealers’ Association of America Award of Merit. Currently the president of Historic Deerfield, Inc., in Deerfield, Massachusetts, Zea has dedicated his career to the
Anthony Rasch: From Silversmith to Citizen
Spring 2009
Bavarian-born silversmith and merchant Anthony Rasch von Tauffkirchen (ca.1780-1858) belonged to a generation of silversmiths in the United States who endured its volatile economy during the first half of the nineteenth century. His career
Art for the People: Decorated Stoneware from the Weitsman Collection
Spring 2009
Stoneware was the everyday ware of the nineteenth century. Used for such practical purposes as storing and serving food and liquids, it was also used to make such items as flower pots, banks, match holders, and pipes for tobacco. Potters often
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