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Art Focus: American Still Life -- Part 2 -- The Late Nineteenth Century
Spring 2007
For most of the nineteenth century American still life painting celebrated the nation's rich natural bounty. Typical subject matter included the fruit-filled tabletops in works by Raphaelle Peale (1774-1825) and James Peale (1749-1831); the luxurious...
Art Focus: Early American Still Life -- Part 1
7th Anniversary
Still life -- the representation of inanimate objects -- is an early and enduring artistic theme. Yet when compared with portraiture, landscape, and history painting, still life has generally been relegated to the lower rungs of the thematic hierarchy...
Daniel Garber: Romantic Realist
7th Anniversary
In the second decade of the twentieth century, artist Daniel Garber (1880-1958) emerged as one of leaders of the New Hope School, also known as the Pennsylvania School of Landscape Painters. This handful of artists was tied together more by the location..
Fine Art as an Investment: Hugh Henry Breckenridge (1870-1937)
7th Anniversary
A pioneering modernist painter whose work won prizes at major international expositions and is included in major museum collections, Hugh Henry Breckenridge (1870-1937) remains largely undiscovered among the wider collecting public....
John Singer Sargent and His American Contempotraries in Venice
7th Anniversary
Born to American parents in Florence, Italy, in 1856, John Singer Sargent spent his youth traveling through Europe with his family. From 1874 to 1885 he lived in Paris, receiving formal training in fine art and forming friendships with artists from....
Andrew Wyeth: Helga on Paper
Autumn-Winter 2006
Andrew Wyeth once described Helga Testorf as an image he couldn't get out of his mind. The 89-year-old artist is still often driven by what he calls the "white heat of inspiration." But in those early years of getting to know his then 31-year-old German..
Fine Art as an Investment: Jasper Francis Cropsey (1832-1900)
Autumn-Winter 2006
Though best known for his resplendent autumn scenes (Fig. 1), Jasper Francis Cropsey pursued a wide range of subjects over the course of his long and productive career and was among the pioneers of the American watercolor movement. The steadily...
Fine Art as an Investment: John Marin (1870-1953)
Autumn-Winter 2006
The importance of John Marin's contribution to American modernism gained increased validation with the saleroom figure of $1,248,000 paid for his Sailboat, Brooklyn Bridge, New York Skyline in December 2005. Fueled by the use of abstract lines...
Self Image: Portraiture from Copley to Close
Autumn-Winter 2006
Portraits -- visual representations of self -- are layered accounts of actuality, desire, and projection. Add the filter of time and historical portraits are granted a curious authority by modern viewers. Read as documents, they are taken at face value...
The Modern West: American Landscapes, 1890-1950
Autumn-Winter 2006
While the main storyline in American art has always emphasized the importance of urbanism -- especially machine-age technology -- a new exhibition at the Museum of Fine Arts, Houston, argues that the vast, rugged land of the American West has also left...
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