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E & L Alexandria
Emanuel Bouqvar
Bellport, Long Island, New York 11713
Phone: 727.742.2709
Email: info@elalexandria.com
Web: www.elalexandria.com
Hours: By appointment
E&L Alexandria specializes in high quality traditional and modern art and antiques, tantalizing the seasoned connoisseur while seducing the new collector. We are a full-service art and antiques firm, buying and selling various fine and decorative arts for over 20 years, yet we are unlike all of the stodgy art and antique galleries you have seen...


WE FOCUS ON THE BEAUTY OF INVESTING: We have art for all tastes and furniture for the pure traditionalist or the modern and trendy stylista. There is no cluttered array of objects of varying value in our collection. We only acquire pieces of quality that are likely to appreciate not just in financial worth but in desirability. This sets us apart from the typical store down the street. We are unlimited in vision when it comes to creating value, not just for the enjoyment of life, but tangible financial value. Our philosophy is to sell our pieces at prices where you already have a built-in profit, and we will show it to you. Our pieces are carefully selected with the expectation that it will appreciate in value. Make an investment, you can actually use, display, and enjoy!

ONLY UNIQUE PIECES - We focus our customers on unique and rare art and antiques, in all price ranges. We are an excellent resource when you are looking to acquire specific one-of-a-kind items; we search out unique pieces. If we don’t have it, we know where to find it.

WE WANT TO FOSTER A GENERATION OF NEW COLLECTORS – We are young, although we have been specializing in art and antiques since we were kids. Because of this, we have a very different view of the market and uniquely understand the sentiments and questions of the new collector. We focus on developing a love for art and treasures from the past among the young or new collector and can help guide them in a world where knowledge and experience are key.

WE WANT TO INSPIRE OTHERS TO RENEW AND REUSE - We consider the buying and selling of antiques to be the first "green" business - renew and reuse. Many of our pieces reflect our ability to identify the quality and design of the past and transform, or renew, it so that it is relevant and fashionable today. We have grouped those pieces into our Upcycle Collection. Inspiring a new generation of collectors to value the old as opposed to the newly mass manufactured and move beyond style.

Take a look at our fabulous collection.

Smoke Stacks
Carl Saxild    1893 - 1971
Smoke Stacks, 1935
Oil on Board, 20 x 24 inches
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