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Green Your Home with Antiques: Going Green in the Eighteenth Century -- Understanding Original Windsor Furniture Color
8th Anniversary
Much of the recent research into the colors used in eighteenth-century American Colonial interiors has revealed a brighter color palette than the muted tones made popular in the Colonial Revival period. New methods of paint analysis have uncovered evidenc
In the best taste: Sévre-style Minton ├┐by Amy Gale
8th Anniversary
Victorians admired eighteenth-century Sévres porcelain, but authentic pieces were hard to come by. Even wealthy collectors were challenged (in the words of the 4th Marquess of Hertford) to find something "in a perfect state & most positively ol
Romancing the Stones: The Creative Genius of the Oscar Heyman & Bros. Jewelry Dynasty
8th Anniversary
For the past ninety-five years, Oscar Heyman & Bros., Inc., a family-owned firm of master jewelry artisans, has sat, albeit anonymously, at the helm of jewelry royalty. While their name is not well-known outside of professional circles, their pieces h
The Worlds of Frederic Edwin Church
8th Anniversary
When, in 1855, Frederic Edwin Church began to exhibit his paintings of the South American landscape, based on his first voyage there two years earlier, he was quickly recognized as America's greatest landscape painter, heir to that identification achieved
Winterthur Primer: Cleaning Painted Surfaces
8th Anniversary
In the world of professional paintings conservation, we adhere to the ethic that everything we do must be "reversible." In other words, we should not add anything to a work of art that, if removed, would cause harm to the artist's original materials.
Green Your Home With Antiques: Museums Are Going Green -- Why Not You?
Autumn/Winter 2007
As responsible custodians of priceless collections, museums have made use of advances in technology to regulate such things as temperature and humidity to ensure the long life of their treasures. Yet, the more energy they use to house and preserve objects
Investing in Antiques: Decoys
Autumn/Winter 2007
There are two types of decoy collectors: hunters and connoisseurs. So says Gary Guyette of Guyette and Schmidt, Inc., the country's largest antique decoy auction firm. Until the late 1980s, with few exceptions, the profile of the decoy collector, he says,
Investing in Antiques: Under the Radar and Under $10,000
Autumn/Winter 2007
With prices for major antiques reaching the stars, finding something worthwhile for a moderate price may seem increasingly unlikely. So, what -- if anything -- can you buy for under $10,000? If you are looking for high quality, there are still many option
The Decorative Arts Trust Celebrates its 30th Anniversary
Autumn/Winter 2007
Collectors and art enthusiasts revel in discovery. Finding a little-known house museum with a treasure trove of pottery, absorbing the delicate detail of a painted table, or viewing a private collection in the presence of top scholars and curators are the
The Ten American Painters
Autumn/Winter 2007
Founded in 1877 as an alternative to the conservative National Academy of Design, the New York based Society of American Artists -- at its outset -- embraced a merit-based exhibition policy and allowed artists to develop progressive styles. Its membership
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