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Inspired by China: Traditional Furniture and Contemporary Inspiration
7th Anniversary
A fizzy explosion of red wire isn't what comes to most people's minds when they see a piece of seventeenth-century Chinese furniture, but that's how contemporary designer Gord Peteran responded to an ornate cloisonne incense stand from the Song dynasty...
Knights and Castles: A History of Irish Furniture
7th Anniversary
I first met Desmond FitzGerald, the romantically titled Knight of Glin, during my university vacation in the summer of 1993. A year later, I found myself in the hall at Glin Castle, his family seat on the banks of the river Shannon in County Limerick...
Louis Comfort Tiffany and Laurelton Hall
7th Anniversary
Artist and designer Louis Comfort Tiffany (1848-1933), son of Charles Lewis Tiffany, founder of the famed New York jewelry firm built his dream home in Oyster Bay, New York, between 1902 and 1905. On nearly 600 acres overlooking Cold Spring Harbor, the...
Moses in Miniature: A Recently Discovered Portrait by John Singleton Copley
7th Anniversary
The significance of a newly found portrait miniature (Fig. 1) by John Singleton Copley (1738-1815) is greater than its tiny size. Discoveries in the oeuvre of an artist so thoroughly studied, so scrupulously inventoried, so eagerly sought-after, are rare.
Mr. Petrie's Shop on the Bay
7th Anniversary
In the bustling urban landscape of mid-eighteenth-century Charleston, a sizable artisan community, who satisfied the material and luxury demands of the city's cosmopolitan population, flourished. Among them was Alexander Petrie (ca. 1707-1768), whose...
Museum Expansion: Renovation of a Masterpiece -- Yale's Louis I. Kahn Building
7th Anniversary
With the recent reopening of Yale University Art Gallery's Kahn building, this pioneering structure is set to rekindle both admiration and discussion. Having undergone a $44 million renovation, the well-worn relic of mid-century modernism is set to...
The Artist's Vision: Romantic Traditions in Britain
7th Anniversary
Because it was not a formal school and was not characterized by a single artistic style, the artistic and intellectual movement called Romanticism can be difficult to define. In part a reaction against the rigorous logic of eighteenth-century...
The Lure of Antique Frames
7th Anniversary
Antique frames, in their seemingly infinite shapes and sizes, are beautiful mementos of bygone days. Intricate designs evoke a time when craftsmanship was an art in itself. Instead of being diminished by the passage of time, frames, like fine wines, are..
The Price of Denial: The Hidden Costs of Failing to Plan for the Disposition of Your Collection
7th Anniversary
The Center on Wealth and Philanthropy at Boston College has estimated that more than $41 trillion in assets will be passed intergenerationally by 2053. Of that sum, art and financial experts project that $4 to $6 trillion will be in art and antiques...
Treasures of the Chesapeake: Select Items from the 2007 Washington Antiques Show Loan Exhibition
7th Anniversary
Treasures of the Chesapeake is the theme of the 2007 Washington Antiques Show's loan exhibition, which presents thirty-three treasures made and used in the Chesapeake Bay region. Encompassing territory in three states, the region stretches 180 miles...
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