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American Gilt Composition Frame
Catalog#: Summer 2006
Category: Frames
Origin: America-USA
Era: 19th Century
Height: 47-7/8 inches (opening) inches
Width: 31-3/4 inches (opening) inches
Circa 1880, 47-7/8" x 31-3/4" opening size, 7-3/4" width

As a frame, I have lived,
As a frame, I have seen,
Industriously conceived,
That Revolution made me, me,
Out of the Gold Rush, I rushed,
I was gold-leafed, I was cast,
Fully prepped for a Gifford landscape,
A Harnett Still Life, perhaps,
I housed the likes of a Thomas Eakins,
And a view of The Grand Canyon by Thomas Moran,
I traveled from sea to shining sea,
Exhibiting Greats, in our Great Land,
The art of the '20s did not make me roar,
Yet I proudly protected,
And cradled masterpieces,
During World Fairs and World Wars,
I've hung in Oval offices,
And on the walls of business magnates,
I've collected dust in colonial attics,
Graced grand stairwells of grand estates,
Yes, as a frame, I have lived,
And as a frame, I have seen,
Now proudly I wait here at Lowy,
Wondering what great work awaits me.

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