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Lifestyle: Presentation is Everything -- An Edgy Manhattan Loft
Early Summer 2009
Frank Maresca opens the door of his Manhattan loft and sticks his head into the front entrance in greeting. Behind him is the first glimpse of his collection — a painting for a 1931 poster by French artist Paul Colin that makes visitors do a double take
Lifestyle: Eagles & Tulips, Snakes & Weathervanes: A Pennsylvania Folk Art Collection
Spring 2009
Behind the facade of a sprawling Mid-Atlantic stone house is one of the foremost collections of American folk art. Exuberant color and an affinity for sculptural and playful forms characterize this astonishingly layered gathering of objects.
Lifestyle: Family Treasures
Spring 2009
Nearly half a century has passed since Clarence L. Prickett drove by a handsome 1800 stone farmhouse for sale in Bucks County, Pennsylvania, and got out to take a look. A peek through the dining-room window revealed
A Masterful Mix of the Centuries
Exceptional taste and an unerring eye have guided the formation of this multidimensional collection.
A Sense of Place
A deep respect for the history of this country and the material associated with its past is evident in the collections within this private residence.
Art Lovers
Some collectors find that acquiring a work of art is similar to falling in love. There is a flash of recognition (I like it!), the heart beats faster (I want it!), then desire overshadows all other emotions (I can't live without it!).
Lifestyle: A Virginia Country Estate
Summer/Autumn 2008
A family with a burgeoning Americana collection and severed Virginia roots found a home in rural Greenwood, Virginia.
Sense of Place: Strong Local Roots Define This Collection
Summer 2008
here's a story that Litchfield, Connecticut, antiques dealer Jeffrey Tillou likes to tell. It is about a certain high chest in the eighteenth-century tavern he calls home.
A California Collection
Spring 2008
California is not known for its large quantity of antiques, but searching in local shops, estate sales, and auctions has rewarded this collector with many rare, important, and undocumented pieces.
Collecting Profile: J. Thomas Savage
Spring 2008
Are you curious to know what your art advisor may be buying when he/she is not buying for you? Ever wonder about the collections museum curators exhibit in their private homes? And -- just as important -- how do those working in a business that, more ofte
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