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Highlights: At the Field Museum

Ceramic portrait vessel. Moche (AD 100-800). Ancash Region, Peru. John Weinstein, © The Field Museum

1400 South Lake Shore Drive, Chicago
For more information call 312.922.9410
or visit www.fieldmuseum.org

The Ancient Americas
Opening March 9, 2007

Journey through 13,000 years of human ingenuity and achievement and discover what scientists have learned about Americans who lived here before the arrival of Europeans. Step into the windswept world of Ice Age mammoth hunters; explore the Aztec empire and its island capital, Tenochtitlan, an extraordinary feat of engineering in any era.

Ceramic mask. Teotihuacan (AD 100-650) . Mexico. John Weinstein, © The Field Museum

Eskimo & Inuit Carvings:
Collecting Art from the Arctic
Through June 17, 2007

These traditional and contemporary works of art created by Eskimo and Inuit carvers from Alaska and Canada reflect a changing way of life for Arctic peoples. Traditional objects include ceremonial masks, utilitarian boxes and oil lamps; contemporary themes include hunting scenes, human faces, and women with children.

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