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Hill Gallery
Sold to a private collector
Drossos Skyllas (1912–1973)
Seated Nude in Garden
Chicago, IL, circa 1960
Oil on canvas, 60 x 42 in.
Courtesy of Hill Gallery,
Birmingham, MI

Seated Nude is exquisite for its captivating subject, use of rich, saturated colors, and attention to detail. Skyllas, a Greek immigrant who settled in Chicago, achieved this photorealist aesthetic by a seemingly obsessive technique that involved using only the tip of a brush, and allowing no lines or broad strokes anywhere on his canvases. From a distance his works appears seamless; up close the pointillist execution is breathtaking. This labor-intensive style resulted in an output of only 35 works during Skyllas’s lifetime, of which Seated Nude is one of the largest examples.

Price: $100,000+.

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