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Large dish with underglaze blue decoration, China, Qing dynasty, Kangxi (1662–1722). Courtesy of Jorge Welsh Oriental Porcelain and Works of Art.

The pageantry and educational experience provided by a month-long celebration of Eastern works of art recommences with the fourth annual Asian Art in London, from November 8–16. At the heart of the affair are fifty London gallery exhibitions offering ancient to contemporary works for sale. In addition, a collaborative program of auctions, lectures, symposia, and museum exhibitions makes the event an international destination for both the connoisseur and the just-curious.

17th-century Japanese bronze flower vessel of usubata form, with stylized Chinese archiastic design containing a formal Rikka-style flower arrangement of the Ikenobo School. This is predominately a summer arrangement, with the use of Japanese maple hinting at the coming autumn. Courtesy of Gregg Baker Asian Art.

Asia constitutes 60 percent of the world’s population, but London probably has more Asian art specialists, collections, and societies than any other city in the world. England’s interest in Oriental art can be traced back to early royal collectors such Mary II (d. 1692), who first introduced the “China Mania” fashion. Items from her extensive collection of Japanese and Chinese porcelain and other decorative arts will be on public display in Queen Mary’s Gallery and Apartments at Kensington Palace after a thorough restoration. A gala dinner and recital, presented by Asian Art in London, at the Queen’s Gallery will raise funds to support the refurbishment of the royal rooms to their former splendor.

For information or a free guide book, visit
or call 011-44-207-293-6444.

Gallery exhibitions open during Asian Art in London from the following dates:

October 1
Spink Indian & Islamic Works of Art ~ Indian and Islamic Works of Art

October 18
Gordon Reece Gallery ~ Antique Chinese Classical Furniture

During Asian Art in London, Claridge’s convenient Mayfair location offers “China Mania” enthusiasts a respite in its chic restaurant, which is ornamented by a stunning Dale Chihuly chandelier and carefully appointed art deco guest rooms. For reservations, call

November 5
John Eskenazi, Ltd. ~ Recent Acquisitions 2001, Tibetan works, Indian sculpture, and book launch of The White Beryl, a Tibetan astrological divination manuscript
Nicholas Grindley ~ November 2001, An exhibition of Chinese furniture and sculpture
Linda Wrigglesworth, Ltd. ~ An Exploration of Numerical Symbolism in Chinese and Tibetan Textile Art

November 6
Jacqueline Simcox, Ltd. ~ Chinese and Central Asian Textiles from the world’s great religions—Islam, Hinduism, and Buddhism.
Robert Kleiner & Co, Ltd. ~ Chinese Snuff Bottles & Works of Art
James Singer Asian Art ~ Buddhist Art

November 7
Joss Graham Oriental Textiles ~ Narrative Cloth, pictorial textiles art
Grace Wu Bruce Chinese Classical Furniture ~ Recent Acquisitions

Two-fold screen painted in ink and color on a gold ground with two bijin seated in front of large ikebana displays. Signed “Shiko.” Japan, Taisho period, 20th century. Courtesy of Gregg Baker Asian Art.

November 8
Antikwest, Ltd. ~ 17th-Century Chinese Porcelain
Asian Art Gallery–Malcolm Fairly, Ltd. ~ Recent Acquisitions
Gregg Baker Asian Art ~ The Appreciation of Flowers
Brandt Oriental Art ~ Recent Acquisitions
Barry Davies Oriental Art, Ltd. ~ Recent Acquisitions
Davies & Tooth ~ Hock-Aun The-A Retrospective
Eskenazi, Ltd. ~ Chinese Ceramic Vessels A.D. 500–1000
Sam Fogg Rare Books and Manuscripts ~ Tibetan Manuscripts and Indian Court Painting
Goedhuis Contemporary ~ Paintings by Tong Yang-tze
Martyn Gregory ~ China Trade Paintings
Robert Hall ~ Buddha Always in My Heart, paintings by Kwok Hon Sum; To Have and To Hold, Chinese snuff bottles.
Gerard Hawthorn ~ Asian Sculpture
S. Marchant & Son ~ Ming Blue-and-White Porcelain—The Drs. A.M. Sengers Collection, a private collection of late Ming blue-and-white porcelain from 1565–1645, collected for over 35 years
Theresa McCullough, Ltd. ~ Indian & South East Asian Works of Art
Sydney L. Moss, Ltd. ~ Old Chinese Paintings and Old Japanese Netsuke
Nicholas S. Pitcher Oriental Art ~ Early Chinese Ceramics and Bronzes and Later Chinese Works of Art—Recent Acquisitions
Priestley & Ferraro ~ Song, Jin, Yuan—The Summer of Chinese Ceramic Art, an exhibition of ceramic wares from the Song, Jin, and Yuan dynasties, with emphasis on northern celadons
John Siudmak Asian Art ~ Selected Items, stone and metal sculpture and ancient ear ornaments
Michael and Henrietta Spink, Ltd. ~ Islamic Art of Design
The Textile Gallery ~ Chinese Textile Art III
Jonathan Tucker—Antonia Tozer Asian Art ~ Splendours of Buddhist Art
Jan van Beers Oriental Art ~ Recent Acquisitions, Chinese and Japanese ceramics and works of art
Jorge Welsh Oriental Porcelain & Works of Art ~ Western Orders of Chinese Porcelain

Large pair of Chinese export ovoid vases, Qianlong period, ca. 1770. Exhibited at London’s Great Exhibition of 1851. Courtesy of Cohen & Cohen.

November 9
Anthony Carter ~ Ceramics & Works of Art from China
Francesca Galloway, Ltd. ~ Indian Miniatures from Private Collections
Robert McPherson ~ Recent Acquisitions. A wide range of Chinese ceramics from Neolithic to the 18th century
Rossi & Rossi ~ Tibetan Thangkas—Buddhist Paintings from the 13th to 18th Centuries
Samina, Inc. ~ Recent Acquisitions—Mughal Jewellery

November 10
Cohen & Cohen ~ School’s Out, Rare and unusual Chinese export porcelain.
Indigo ~ Japanese and Chinese Furniture from the 19th Century
Katie Jones ~ Japan—Hidden Beauty, an exclusive group of contemporary Japanese artists working in lacquer, metal, glass, pottery and basketry
Knapton & Rasti Asian Art ~ Chinese, Japanese, and Tibetan Works of Art
Milne Henderson Fine Art, Ltd. ~ Scooping the Clouds—Seven Hundred Years of Brush and Ink Painting: Chinese, Japanese, and Korean paintings and screens from 1275 to 2001; The Tale of Genji, Shikishi court paintings from 1580 to 1620

November 12
Roger Keverne, Ltd. ~ Winter Exhibition 2001, fine and rare Chinese works of art

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