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Artist NameNationalityBornDied
Paalen, Wolfgang Austrian19051959
Paap, Hans American18941966
Pabian, James Anthony American19091996
Pace, Stephen S. American1918
Pach, Walter American18831958
Pachner, William American1915
Packard, David C.
Packard, Emmy Lou American19141998
Packard, Mabel American18731938
Packer, Frederick L. American18861956
Packman, Frank G. 1896
Paddock, Ethel Louise American18871975
Paddock, Josephine American18851964
Paddock, Willard Dryden American18731956
Padelford, Morgan C. American19021994
Padovano, Anthony John American1933
Paduani, Louis
Paeff, Bashka (Mrs. Samuel Waxman) American18931979
Page, Edward A. American18501928
Page, Elizabeth Amie American1908
Page, Grover 18921958
Page, Horace Smith American19131997
Page, Marie Danforth (Mrs. Calvin G.) American18691940
Page, Maxine
Page, Walter Gilman American18621934
Page, William American18111885
Pages, Jules Eugene French18671946
Pages, Jules Francois American18331910
Paget-Fredericks, Joseph Rous-Marten American19051963
Paggatt, L. 1832
Pagon, Katherine Dunn American18921985
Paik, Nam June Korean19322006
Paine, Joseph Polley American1912
Paine, Marie Louise (Mattingly) American1849
Paine, May American18731941
Paine, Richard American1875
Paine, Robert (Treat) American18701946
Pajaud, William E. American1925
Palansky, Abraham 1890
Palenske, Reinhold H. American18841954
Paleologue, Jean 18551942
Paley, Goldie
Pallenlief, Andrew 1824
Palmatary, James T.
Palmer, Adelaide Coburne American18511928
Palmer, Arthur W. American19131982
Palmer, Edmund Seymour 1859
Palmer, Erastus Dow American18171904
Palmer, Frances Fanny (Flora Bond) American18121876
Palmer, Fredrikke Schjoth (Mrs.) 1860
Palmer, Hans P.
Palmer, Hattie Virginia Young American18661933
Palmer, Herman American1894
Palmer, Hermione 19051987
Palmer, Jessie American18821956
Palmer, Pauline Lennards American18671938
Palmer, Peggy American19051979
Palmer, Randall American
Palmer, Ruth
Palmer, Samuel M. American18751935
Palmer, Sarah
Palmer, Sophia American18761970
Palmer, Theresa Zmislow (Mrs. A. W. L.)
Palmer, Walter Launt American18541932
Palmer, William Charles American19061987
Palmer, Winogene E. American18731969
Palmer-Poroner, Margot
Palmerton, Don F. American18991937
Palumbo, Alphonse American18901947
Palumbo, Anthony
Pancoast, Henry Boller, Jr. American18761962
Pancoast, Morris Hall American18771963
Pandolfini, Joseph Paul American19081987
Panesis, Nicholas American19131967
Panke, Edith (Mrs. Felix Curt)
Pansing, Fred American18441912
Paone, Peter American1936
Papashvily, George American18981978
Pape, Billie Kathleen 1918
Pape, Eric L. American18701938
Pappas, Marilyn American1931
Pappelendam, Laura van American18831974
Papsdorf, Frederick American18871978
Paquet, Anthony C. 18141882
Paradise, John American17831833
Paradise, John Wesley American18091862
Paradise, Philip Herschel American19051997
Paramino, John F. American1888
Parcell, L. Evans
Parcell, Malcolm Stephens American18961987
Parcell, Mary C.
Pardee, Lillian Minerva Magill American18591936
Pardi, Justin Anthony American18981951
Parducci, Rudolph 18991973
Paris, Charles
Paris, Harold Persico American19251979
Paris, Lucille M. (Lucille M. Bichler) American1928
Paris, Walter American18421906
Parisen, William D. American18001832
Parish, Betty Waldo (Mrs.) American19101986
Park, (Hazel A.) Hanes American18871975
Park, Agnes Helen 18681944
Park, Asa American1827
Park, Charles
Park, Charlotte American1918
Park, David American19111960
Park, Edwin Avery American18911978
Park, Linton American18261870
Park, Madeleine Fish American18911960
Park, Richard Henry (or Hamilton) American18321902
Parke, Jessie Burns American18891964
Parke, Nathaniel Ross American1904
Parke, Sarah Cornelia American18611937
Parke, Walter Simpson American1909
Parker, Alan 19161993
Parker, Alfred American19061985
Parker, Arvilla 19101989
Parker, Bill American1924
Parker, C. R. American17991849
Parker, Charles Hadden 18691945
Parker, Charles Schoff American18601930
Parker, Cora American18591944
Parker, Cushman American18811940
Parker, Edgar American18401892
Parker, Frank F.
Parker, George Waller American18881957
Parker, Gladys American19101966
Parker, Harrison Magowan American19071951
Parker, Henry Perlee British17951873
Parker, James American1933
Parker, James K. 18801963
Parker, James Varner American1925
Parker, Jennie C. H.
Parker, Jesse R.
Parker, Jessie D. 18791957
Parker, John Adams American18291905
Parker, John Clay American1907
Parker, John F. American18841962
Parker, John W. 18621930
Parker, Joseph
Parker, Josephine
Parker, Lawton S. American18681954
Parker, Lester Shepard American18601925
Parker, M. S.
Parker, Paul American19051987
Parker, Phillips 18961935
Parker, Raymond American19221990
Parker, Robert Andrew American1927
Parker, Stephen Hills American18521925
Parker, Thomas H. American18011851
Parker, Virginia American1897
Parker, Walter H. 18821962
Parker, Wentworth American1890
Parkhouse, Stanley
Parkhurst, Anita (Willcox) American1892
Parkhurst, Clifford Eugene 1885
Parkhurst, Henry Landon American18671921
Parkhurst, Thomas Shrewsbury American18531923
Parkinson, Donald B. American18951945
Parkinson, Grace Wells
Parkinson, William Jensen American18991965
Parks, Charles Cropper American1922
Parks, Gordon American19122006
Parks, James Dallas American1907
Parkyns, George Isham 17491820
Parmelee, Marcus Sutton American18941954
Parmelee, Olive Miriam Buchholz American1913
Parmelee, Theodore Davis American19121964
Parmely, Irene E. 1939
Parnell, Eileen (Mrs. Gustav Bohland) 18971987
Parr, James Wingate American19231969
Parrish, Anne 18881957
Parrish, Anne Lodge Willcox (Mrs. Thomas) American18501900
Parrish, Charles Louis American18301902
Parrish, Clara Weaver American18611925
Parrish, David Buchanan American1939
Parrish, Jean American19112004
Parrish, Joseph Lee American1905
Parrish, Maxfield American18701966
Parrish, Stephen (Maxfield) American18461938
Parrish, Thomas C. American18371899
Parrot, August
Parrott, William Samuel American18431915
Parse, Josephine L. American18961987
Parsell, Abraham American1792
Parshall, De Witt American18641956
Parshall, Douglas Ewell American18991990
Parslow, Evalyn Ashley American18671951
Parsons, Alfred British18471920
Parsons, Betty Bierne American19001982
Parsons, Charles H. American18211910
Parsons, Edith Barretto Stevens American18781956
Parsons, Ernestine American18841967
Parsons, George F. American1844
Parsons, Kitty (Mrs. Richard Recchia) American18891976
Parsons, Laura Starr American1915
Parsons, Lloyd Holman American18931968
Parsons, Marion Randall American18781953
Parsons, Mary Elizabeth American18591947
Parsons, Orrin Sheldon American18661943
Parsons, Sheldon American18661943
Parsons, Theophilus American18761934
Parsons, Virginia
Parsons, Walter Edward American18901962
Partch, Virgil Franklin American19161984
Partee, McCullough American1900
Partikel, Alfred German18881946
Partin, Robert (E.) American1927
Partington, John Herbert Evelyn 18441899
Partington, Richard Langtry American18681929
Parton, Arthur American18421914
Parton, Ernest American18451933
Parton, Henry Woodbridge American18581933
Parton, Hulda (Mrs. Daniel Day Walter, Jr.) American
Partridge, Charlotte Russell American
Partridge, Esther E. American1875
Partridge, Imogene
Partridge, Joseph American17921833
Partridge, Mary Elizabeth American1910
Partridge, Nehemiah American16831730
Partridge, Roi American18881984
Partridge, Sara
Partridge, William H. American18581938
Partridge, William Ordway American18611930
Pascal, Paul B. French18321903
Paschke, Ed American19392004
Pascin, Jules French18851930
Pasilis, Felix American1922
Paskell, William Frederick American18661951
Passailaigue, Mary F. (Mrs. J. M.)
Passalacqua, David American19362004
Passmore, Deborah Griscom American18401911
Passuntino, Peter Zaccaria American1936
Paterson, Roy E.
Patigian, Haig American18761950
Patri, Giacomo Giuseppe 18981978
Patrick, Genie H. American1938
Patrick, James Hollins American19111944
Patrick, John Douglas American18631937
Patrick, Marcia A. American18751964
Patrisse, Albert French1892
Pattee, Elsie Dodge American1876
Pattein, Cesar French
Patten, Mary C. American18681939
Patten, William American18651936
Patterson, Alma V. A.
Patterson, Ambrose McCarthy American18771967
Patterson, Angelica Schuyler American18641952
Patterson, Anna Moore
Patterson, Catherine Norris American
Patterson, Charles Allen American1922
Patterson, Charles Robert American18781958
Patterson, Claude A. American
Patterson, H.
Patterson, Hedley V., Jr. American
Patterson, Howard Ashman American18911970
Patterson, James S. American18321916
Patterson, Lawrence A. 18961964
Patterson, Margaret Jordan American18671950
Patterson, Martha American18611943
Patterson, Patty (Mrs. Frank Grass) American1909
Patterson, Rebecca Burd Peale American
Patterson, Robert American18981981
Patterson, Russell American18961977
Patterson, Viola American18981984
Pattison, A. M. Gould
Pattison, Abbott American19161999
Pattison, Carrie A. American1877
Pattison, Evelyn
Pattison, James William American18441915
Pattison, Robert J. American18381903
Patton, Katharine Maxey American18661941
Patton, Roy Edwin American1878
Patty, William Arthur American18891960
Patzig, Edna American18691961
Paul, Andrew G. American18781965
Paul, Charles R. American18881942
Paul, Gen French18951975
Paul, Horace A.
Paul, Jeremiah Jr. American1820
Paul, Seymour Holmes American19122001
Paul, William Wheeler American19131976
Paulding, Richard A.
Pauli, Clemens 18351896
Pauli, Richard American18551892
Paull, Grace American1898
Paullin, Ethel M. Parsons (Mrs. Telford) American
Paullin, Telford American18851933
Paulus, Christopher Daniel 18481936
Paulus, Francis Petrus American18621933
Paulus, Gertrude 1904
Paus, Herbert American18801946
Pauson, Rose American18961964
Paval, Philip Kran American18991971
Pavia, Phillip American19122005
Pavilla, John Richard 18611943
Pavlosky, Vladimir American18841944
Pawla, Frederick Alexander American18761964
Paxson, Edgar Samuel American18521919
Paxson, Ethel Easton American18851982
Paxton, Elizabeth Okie American18771971
Paxton, William A. 18731965
Paxton, William McGregor American18691941
Payne, Alfred 18151893
Payne, Edgar Alwin American18831947
Payne, Elsie Palmer American18841971
Payne, Emma Lane 1874
Payne, Leslie J. 19071981
Payne, Pauline
Payzant, Charles St. George American18981980
Pazolt, Alfred Joseph American18721956
Peabody, Amelia (Amy) American18901984
Peabody, Ruth Eaton Colburn (Mrs.) American18981966
Peabody, Sophia Amelia 18111871
Peacock, Jean Eleanor (Mrs. Lewis M. Knebel) American
Peacock, Jon (Edward) American1908
Peak, Robert (Bob) American19271992
Peake, Channing American19101989
Peale, Anna Claypoole American17911878
Peale, Charles Willson American17411827
Peale, Emma Clara 1814
Peale, Franklin American17951870
Peale, Harriet Cany (Mrs. Rembrandt) American18001869
Peale, Helen
Peale, James American17491831
Peale, James Jr. American17891876
Peale, Margaretta Angelica American17951882
Peale, Maria American17871866
Peale, Mary Jane American18271902
Peale, Raphaelle American17741825
Peale, Rembrandt American17781860
Peale, Rosalba Carriera American17991874
Peale, Rubens American17841865
Peale, Sarah Miriam American18001885
Peale, Titian Ramsay American17991855
Peale, Washington American18251868
Peano, Felix 18631949
Pearce, Charles Sprague American18511914
Pearce, Edgar Lewis American18851954
Pearce, Ethel 19011985
Pearce, Fred E.
Pearce, Glenn Stuart American1909
Pearce, Helen Spang American18951994
Pearce, Mary Blake American18901971
Pearlstein, Philip American1924
Pearman, Katharine K. American18931961
Pearson, Anton 1892
Pearson, Edwin American1889
Pearson, Flora M. 1873
Pearson, Henry C. American1914
Pearson, John American1940
Pearson, Marguerite Stuber American18981978
Pearson, Mary S. (Mrs.)
Pearson, Ralph M. American18831958
Pearson, Robert American1891
Pearson, William American
Pearson, Jr, Joseph Thurman American
Pease, Alonzo
Pease, David G. American1932
Pease, Ernest Sherman 1846
Pease, Lute (Lucius C.) American18691963
Pease, Nell Christmas McMullin (Mrs. Lute C.) American18831958
Peaslee, Marguerite Elliott American
Peasley, Horatio N. American1853
Peat, Wilbur David 1898
Peavy, Pauline White 19011999
Pebbles, Frank Marion American18391928
Pechstein, Max Herman German18811955
Peck, Anne Merriman (Mrs. Frank Fite) American1884
Peck, Augustus Hamilton American19061975
Peck, Bradford 18451921
Peck, Clara Elsene American18831968
Peck, Edith Hogen American18841957
Peck, Henry Jarvis American18801964
Peck, James Edward American19072002
Peck, Natalie American18861975
Peck, Orrin American18601921
Peck, Sheldon American17971868
Peck, Stephen Rogers American19121988
Peckham, Felix Augustus American18371876
Peckham, Lewis (or Louis) American17881822
Peckham, Mary 18961959
Peckham, Mary C. American1861
Peckham, Robert American17851877
Peckham, Rosa (Rose) American18421922
Pecorini, Margaret Bucknell (Comtessa) American18791963
Pedretti, Humberto J. 18791937
Peebles, Roy B. American18991957
Peeke, Grace N. Wishaar American1879
Peele, John Thomas British18221897
Peelor, Harold G. American18561940
Peers, Gordon Franklin American19091988
Peet, Jeanie Spring American18431921
Peet, Margot American19031995
Peet, Martha Gertrude American1880
Peets, Orville Houghton American18841964
Pegram, Marjorie M. E. American18831972
Peirce, Dorothy Rice (Mrs. Waldo) American
Peirce, Gerry American19001969
Peirce, H. Winthrop American18501935
Peirce, John R. American19001970
Peirce, Joshua H. American18121869
Peirce, Thomas Mitchell American1865
Peirce, Waldo American18841970
Peiter, Edith (Denham) American
Peixotto, Ernest Clifford American18691940
Peixotto, Florian American
Peixotto, George Da Maduro American18621937
Peixotto, Irma M. 18811964
Peixotto, Mary H. American18691956
Pelenc, Simeon 18731935
Pelham, Henry 17491806
Pelham, Peter American16971751
Pell, Ella Ferris American18461922
Pell, Genevieve
Pell, Jacob 18981991
Pellan, Alfred Canadian19061990
Pellegrini, Ernest (G.) American18891955
Pellew, John Clifford American1903
Pellicone, William American1915
Pels, Albert American19101998
Pelton, Agnes American18811961
Pember, Ada Humphrey American1859
Pembrook, Theodore Kenyon American18651917
Pen, Rudolph T. American19181989
Pena, Tonita 18951949
Pendlebury, Richard 1886
Pendleton, John B. American17981866
Pendleton, William Larned Marcy American18651934
Penelon, Henri Joseph 18271885
Penfield, Annie
Penfield, Edward American18661925
Penfield, Florence Bentz American1895
Penfield, George W. 18711962
Penfold, Frank (Francis) C. American18491927
Penfold, William
Penhall, H. M. 1913
Penman, Edith American18601929
Penn, Irving American1917
Pennell, Helen J.
Pennell, Joseph American18601926
Penney, Bruce Barton American1929
Penney, Frederick Doyle American19001988
Penney, James American19101982
Penniman, Ella A.
Penniman, John Ritto American17821841
Penniman, Leonora Naylor American18841957
Penning, Tomas American19051982
Pennington, Harper American18541920
Pennoyer, Albert Sheldon American18881957
Penny, Carlton P. American1896
Penny, Laura Annette 18951982
Penrose, Helen Stowe
Pent, Rose Marie American1954
Peoples, Augusta H. (Mrs. R. E.) American1896
Peploe, Fitzgerald Cornwall 18611906
Pepper, Beverly Stoll American1924
Pepper, Charles Hovey American18641950
Peran, Marjorie
Perard, Victor Seman American18701957
Percel, de (Mme.)
Perceval, Don Louis American19081979
Percival, Edwin American1793
Percy, Isabelle Clark (Mrs. George Parsons West) American18821976
Peregoy, Charles E. 1827
Pereira, Irene Rice American19071971
Perelli, Achille American18221891
Perera, Gino Lorenzo 1872
Peretti, Achille Italian18571923
Perfilieff, Vladimir 18951943
Perillo, Gregory American1929
Perine, Eva Green (Mrs.) American18461938
Perkins, Charles Callahan American18231886
Perkins, Doris E. 1989
Perkins, Edna L. American19071975
Perkins, Elizabeth Ward American18731954
Perkins, Emily R.
Perkins, Frederick Stanton American18321899
Perkins, George
Perkins, Granville American18301895
Perkins, Harley Manlius American18831964
Perkins, Lucy Fitch American18651937
Perkins, Marion M. American19081961
Perkins, Mary Smyth American18751931
Perkins, Parker S. American18621942
Perkins, Philip American19071970
Perkins, Ruth Holmes 19071977
Perkins, S. Lee American1827
Perkins, Sarah American17711831
Perkinson, Henry Rubye
Perl, John American
Perl, Margaret Anneke American18871956
Perle, Emilie F.
Perlin, Bernard American1918
Perlman, Bennard B. 1928
Perlmutter, Jack American19202006
Perona, Elizabeth Henderson American19071967
Perona, Lucien A. 19061971
Perot, Annie Lovering American1854
Perovani, Joseph 1835
Perrault, Ida Marie American1874
Perrault, Leon Jean Bazile French18321908
Perret, Ferdinand 18881960
Perrett, Galen Joseph American18751949
Perri, Frank S. American19181999
Perrie, Bertha Eversfield American18681921
Perrigard, Hal Ross Canadian18911960
Perrin, C. Robert American19151999
Perrine, Edith Eva Elliott American18861946
Perrine, Van Dearing American18681955
Perry, Annette American18721965
Perry, Bart American1906
Perry, Clara Fairfield American18701941
Perry, Clara Greenleaf American18711960
Perry, Emilie S(tearns) American18731929
Perry, Frank Chester American18591943
Perry, Ione H. American1839
Perry, James Raymond American1863
Perry, Lilla Cabot American18481933
Perry, Maeble Claire American1902
Perry, Oliver Hazard 1842
Perry, Ollie Montgomery American18811964
Perry, Oma Alice American18801961
Perry, R(oland) Hinton American18701941
Perry, Raymond American18761960
Perry Jr., Enoch Wood American18311915
Persac, Marie Adrien American18231873
Pershing, Louise American19041986
Persico, E. Luigi 17911860
Persico, Gennaro 1859
Persons, Simmons American1906
Persson, Fritiof American18971957
Pescheret, Leon Rene American18921971
Petek, Poko American19241972
Peter, George American18601943
Peterdi, Gabor F. American19152001
Peters, Albert Edward 18651939
Peters, Bernard E. American1893
Peters, Carl William American18971980
Peters, Charles F. 18821948
Peters, Charles Rollo American18621928
Peters, Charles Rollo III 18921967
Peters, Constance Mabel American18781935
Peters, Dewitt Clinton American18651948
Peters, DeWitt Clinton III American19021966
Peters, Leslie H. American1916
Peters, Pearl L. 18441934
Peters, Ruth 1905
Peters, S. A. (Miss.)
Petersen, Christian 18851961
Petersen, Einar Cortsen Danish18851986
Petersen, John E. C. American18391874
Petersen, Martin American18661956
Petersen, Philip
Petersen, Roland Conrad American1926
Petersen, Thomas Ferrier Danish18611926
Petersham, Maud Feller American18891971
Petersham, Miska 18881959
Peterson, Elsa Kirpal (Mrs. R. M. T.) American1891
Peterson, Jane American18761965
Peterson, Josephine
Peterson, Larry D. American1935
Peterson, Margaret O'Hagan American19021997
Peterson, Mary C.
Peterson, Niss C.
Peterson, Perry American19081958
Peterson, Roger Tory American19081996
Peterson, Roland
Petetin, Sidonia
Peticolas, Edward F. American17931853
Peticolas, Philippe Abraham American17601841
Peticolas, Sherry American19041956
Peticolas, Theodore V. American1797
Petigru, Caroline (Mrs. William A. Carson) American18191893
Petitjean, Edmond Marie French18441925
Peto, John Frederick American18541907
Petow, Edward T. 1877
Petri, Richard 18241857
Petrie, Ferdinand Ralph American1925
Petrina, John Antonio 18931935
Petroff, Gilmer American19131990
Petrov, Dimitri American19191986
Petrovits, Milan Austrian18921944
Petrovits, N. Paul 18111881
Petrtyl, August American
Petruccelli, Antonio American19071994
Petry, Mildred
Petry, Victor American19031924
Pett, Helen Bailey American19081996
Pettingell, Lilian Annin (Mrs. C. K.) American1871
Pettis, Mary Fancher American18481930
Pettit, Evelyn M. American1870
Pettit, George W. American18381910
Pettit, Grace American18941982
Pettrich, Ferdinand Friedrich August German17981872
Petty, George American18941975
Petty, Mary American18991976
Pew, Gertrude L. (Mrs. Frederic G. Robinson) American1876
Peyraud, Frank Charles American18581948
Peyton, Alfred Conway 18751936
Peyton, Ann Douglas Moon (Mrs. Philip B.) American1891
Peyton, Bertha Sophia Menzler Dressler American18711947
Peyton, Ida American1898
Pezza, Stephanie 18641951
Pezzati, Pietro (Peter) American1902
Pfaff, Ethel C.
Pfeifer, Herman American18791931
Pfeiffer, Fritz American18891960
Pfeiffer, Heinrich Herman American18741960
Pfeiffer, Jacob 1936
Pfister, Grace Anna American18831969
Pfister, Jean Jacques French18781949
Pfriem, Bernard A. American1914
Phelan, Charles T. American1840
Phelips, Emily Bancroft 1869
Phelps, Adele C. American18661945
Phelps, Edith Catlin American18751961
Phelps, Helen Watson American18641944
Phelps, W(illiam) P(reston) American18481923
Philbrick, Allen Erskine American18791964
Philbrick, Otis W. American18881973
Philbrick, Stacey
Philip, Frederick William American18141841
Philip, Helen
Philipp, Robert American18951981
Philipp, Werner American18971982
Philippoteaux, Paul Dominique French18461923
Philips, Katherine Elizabeth American
Phillips, Ammi American17881865
Phillips, Bert Greer American18681956
Phillips, Charles
Phillips, Charlotte
Phillips, Claire Donner American18871960
Phillips, Coles American18801927
Phillips, Dorothy W. American19061977
Phillips, Duncan American18861966
Phillips, George W. American1822
Phillips, Gordon American1927
Phillips, Harper Trenholm American1928
Phillips, Harriet Sophia American18491928
Phillips, Helen Elizabeth American19131995
Phillips, Holmead American18891975
Phillips, Margaret McDonald American
Phillips, Marjorie Acker American18941985
Phillips, Matthew (Matt) American1927
Phillips, Melville A. American18931959
Phillips, S. D. (Dale) American1904
Phillips, S. George American18901965
Phillips, Walter Joseph Canadian18841963
Phillips, Wilber E(lmer) American1907
Phillips, William Arthur American19161989
Phillips, Winifred Estelle American18801963
Phippen, George American19151966
Phoenix, Frank K. American18581924
Phoenix, Lauros Monroe American1885
Piatt, Ida F. 18661947
Piazzoni, Gottardo American18721945
Picabia, Francis French18781953
Picasso, Pablo Spanish18811973
Piccirilli, Attilio American18661945
Piccirilli, Furio 18701949
Piccoli, Girolamo 1902
Picken, George Alexander American18981971
Pickens, Alton American19171991
Pickering, Hal
Pickett, James Tilton American18571889
Pickett, Joseph American18481918
Pickford, Rollin Jr. American1912
Pickhardt, Carl E., Jr. American1908
Pickil, Alexander 1840
Picknell, George W. American18641943
Picknell, William Lamb American18531897
Picot, Jean-Claude French
Picou, Henri Pierre French
Pielke, Rolf 18861957
Pieper, Hugo J. American
Pierce, Anna Harriet American1880
Pierce, Anne Honsley American18771951
Pierce, Bruce Wellington American18581947
Pierce, Charles Franklin American18441920
Pierce, Delilah W(illiams) American19041992
Pierce, Donald
Pierce, Edith Loring American18551940
Pierce, Elijah American18921984
Pierce, Elizabeth R. American
Pierce, Florence Miller American1918
Pierce, H. Winthrop American18501935
Pierce, Harry
Pierce, Horace Towner 19161958
Pierce, Joseph W. American
Pierce, Lucy Valentine American18871974
Pierce, Martha American1873
Pierce, Minerva Lockwood American18831972
Pierce, Rowena Elizabeth
Pierce, Waldo American18841970
Pierce, William H. C. American18581940
Pierce, William J. American1828
Piercy, Frederick 18301891
Pierrie, William
Piersall, Zella Kay 18961987
Pierson, Alden American18741921
Pierson, Pauline
Pierson, Sarah
Pierson, Victor British
Pietersz, Bertus L. American18691938
Pietro, Cartaino di Scarrino 18861918
Piggott, George W.
Pike, Emily S. 18781908
Pike, John American19111979
Pillin, Polia American19091992
Pilliner, Frederick J.
Piloty, Carl German18261886
Pine, Geri (Geraldine) (Mrs. Werner) American1914
Pine, Robert Edge British17301788
Pine, Theodore E. American18281905
Pineda, Marianna (Marianna Pineda Tovish) American1925
Pineles, Cipe (Miss) 1908
Pinkerton, Clayton David American1931
Pinkham, Marjorie Stafford American1909
Pinkney, Jerry American1939
Pinner, Philip American19101977
Pinney, Eunice Griswold American17701849
Pintner, Dora American
Pinto, Angelo Raphael American19081994
Pinto, Biagio American19111989
Pinto, Salvatore American19051966
Piot, Adolphe 18501910
Pious, Robert Savon 19081983
Piper, Jane American19161991
Piper, John British19031992
Piper, Natt A. American18861969
Pippin, Horace American18881946
Pirrson, James W.
Pise, Lewis
Pissis, Emile M. American18541934
Pister, Rudolph
Pitkin, Anna 1929
Pitkin, Caroline W. American18581937
Pitkin, Josephine
Pitman, Elizabeth S.
Pitman, Sophia L. American18551943
Piton, Camille French
Pitt, (Miss)
Pitt, Donald A. American19061954
Pittman, Hobson American18991972
Pitts, Kate 1896
Pitts, Lendall American18751938
Pitz, Henry Clarence American18951976
Pitz, Molly Wood American1913
Pixley, Emma Catherine O'Reilly American18361911
Pizzella, Edmundo Italian18681941
Pizzuti, Michele Italian1882
Place, George British
Place, Vera Clark (Mrs.) American1890
Plaisted, Zelpha M. American
Plaschke, Paul Albert American18801954
Plate, Walter American19251972
Platt, Alethea Hill American18611932
Platt, Charles Adams American18611933
Platt, Eleanor American19101974
Platt, George W. American18391899
Platt, James C. American1892
Plauche, Leda Hincks American18871980
Plavcan, Joseph Michael American19081981
Pleadwell, Amy Margaret American1875
Pleissner, Ogden Minton American19051983
Pletsch, Ethel Emma Wetzler American18881943
Pleuthner, Walter Karl American1885
Plimer, Andrew
Plimpton, Cordelia Bushnell American18301886
Plimpton, William E. American18821900
Plochmann, Carolyn Gassan American1926
Plowman, George Taylor American18691932
Pluff, Frank N.
Plumb, Henry Grant American18471930
Plumber, Nan D.
Plumer, Harrison Lorenzo American1814
Plummer, Alice Gertrude American18921957
Plummer, Arrie Elizabeth American1884
Plummer, Edwin American18021880
Plummer, Elmer Ginzel American19101987
Plummer, Ethel McClellan American18881936
Plummer, Leander Allen II American18571914
Pneuman, Mildred Young American18991989
Pocock, Nicholas British17401821
Podchernikoff, Alexis Angelo American19121987
Podchernikoff, Alexis Matthew American18861933
Podchernikoff, Ida Maria American18681944
Poe, Elisabeth Ellicott American18881947
Poe, Hugh M. American1902
Pogany, William Andrew (Willy) American18821955
Pogson, Annie L .Willfong American18571931
Pogzeba, Wolfgang 19361982
Pohl, Ernest Henry American18741956
Pohl, Hugo David American18781960
Pohl, Lavera Ann American19011981
Pohl, Louis G. American19151999
Poincy, Paul E. American18331909
Poindexter, James Thomas American18321891
Point, Nicolas S.J. 17991868
Pointel du Portail, J.B.,
Pointer, Priscilla American
Polasek, Albin American18791965
Polelonema, Otis American1902
Poleskie, Stephen Francis American1938
Polgreen, John
Polifka, Bernyce 19131990
Politi, Leo American19081996
Polk, Charles Peale American17671822
Polk, Charlotte Payne 1963
Polk, Frank Fredrick American19082000
Polkinghorn, George American18981967
Pollack, Reginald Murray American19242001
Pollak, Charlotte L. (D.) American
Pollak, Max American18861970
Pollak, Theresa American1899
Pollak, Virginia Morris American18981967
Pollaro, Paul American1921
Pollet, Joseph C. American18971979
Polley, Frederick American18751957
Pollia, Joseph P. 18931954
Pollock, Charles Cecil American19021988
Pollock, Jackson American19121956
Pollock, James Arlin American18981949
Pollock, Mabel C. Hillyer American1884
Pollock, Merlin F. American19051995
Polonsky, Arthur American1925
Polos, Theodore C. American19011976
Polotti, Louis
Polousky, Julie Raymond American19081976
Polowetski, Charles Ezekiel 1884
Polsky, Cynthia American1939
Pomarede, Leon French18071892
Pomeroy, Elsie Lower American18821971
Pomeroy, Florence Walton (Mrs. Ralph B.) American18901981
Pommer, Julius John American18951945
Pommer, Mildred Newell American18931963
Ponce de Leon, Michael American1922
Ponchon, Anthony French18721934
Pond, Dana American18801962
Pond, Elizabeth Keith American18861955
Pond, Emma McHenry American18571934
Pond, Harold Woodford American1897
Ponsen, Tunis American18911968
Pont, Charles Ernest American18981971
Pooke, Marion Louise (Mme. Bernard S. Duits) American18831975
Poole, (Horatio) Nelson American18831949
Poole, Abram American18831961
Poole, Albert (Bert) F. American18531934
Poole, Burnell American18841933
Poole, Earl Lincoln American18911972
Poole, Eugene Alonzo American18411912
Poole, Frederic Victor American18651936
Pooley, A.
Poons, Larry American1937
Poor, Anne American19182002
Poor, Henry Varnum American18881970
Poor, Henry Warren American18631938
Poore, Henry Rankin American18591940
Pop Chalee, American19081993
Pope, Alexander Jr. American18491924
Pope, Alfred Atmore American18421913
Pope, Arthur American1880
Pope, David
Pope, John American18201880
Pope, Marion Holden American18721958
Pope, Mary Ann Irwin American1932
Pope, Sara Foster American1880
Pope, Thomas Benjamin American18341891
Popini, Alexander 18781962
Poray, Stan(islaus) P(ociecha) American18881948
Portanova, Giovanni B. 18751956
Portanova, Joseph Domenico American19091979
Porter, (Edwin) David American1912
Porter, Agnes American
Porter, Benjamin Curtis American18451908
Porter, Bruce American18651953
Porter, Charles Ethan American18471923
Porter, David American17801843
Porter, Doris Lucille (Mrs. Donald J. McLean) American1898
Porter, Fairfield American19071975
Porter, George Edward American1916
Porter, James Amos American19051970
Porter, James Tank 18831962
Porter, John James American1825
Porter, John S.
Porter, Julia S. Gunnison American18671952
Porter, Love (Miss) American18761960
Porter, Mary King American18651938
Porter, Raymond Averill American18831949
Porter, Rufus American17921884
Porter, S(uzanne) C. American
Porter, Vernon Carroll American1896
Porter, Veva
Porter, Vivian Forsythe American18801982
Porter, William T. 18281907
Portnoff, Alexander 18871949
Posch, Paul Hermann 18771975
Posen, Stephen American1939
Post, Charles Johnson American18731956
Post, Edward 18271882
Post, George Booth American19061997
Post, May Audubon American1929
Post, Mildred Anderson (Mrs. A. Kerigan, Jr.) American18921921
Post, William 17201800
Post, William Merritt American18561935
Potron , Rita
Pottenger, Mary L. American1897
Potter, Agnes Squire American1892
Potter, Anne W.
Potter, Bertha Herbert American18951949
Potter, Crowell
Potter, Edna E.
Potter, Edward Clark American18001826
Potter, Edward Clark American18571923
Potter, George Kenneth American1926
Potter, Harry Spafford American18731940
Potter, Jack 19272003
Potter, John Briggs American1864
Potter, Larry American19241966
Potter, Louis McClellan American18731912
Potter, Mary Helen American18621950
Potter, Mary Knight American19001981
Potter, Mathilde American18801973
Potter, Miriam Clark American18861964
Potter, Ted American1933
Potter, William J. American18831964
Potter, Zenas Lemuel American18861958
Potthast, Edward Henry American18571927
Potts, Don American1936
Potts, William Sherman American18761930
Pou, Miguel
Pougheon, Eugene Robert French1886
Pougialis, Constantine American18941985
Poull, Mary American
Poupard, James
Pousette-Dart, Nathaniel J. American18861965
Pousette-Dart, Richard American19161992
Povlich, Robert 1937
Powell, Arthur James Emery American18641956
Powell, Caroline A(melia) 18521935
Powell, Doane American18811951
Powell, H. M. T.
Powell, J. S.
Powell, Jennette M. 18711944
Powell, Leslie Joseph American19061978
Powell, Lucien Whiting American18461930
Powell, Mary E. 18541922
Powell, Pauline American18761912
Powell, Ralph Williford American19081987
Powell, William Henry American18241879
Power, Ralph E. American
Powers, Alenson G. American1817
Powers, Asahel Lynde American18131843
Powers, Elizabeth C.
Powers, Gorman
Powers, Grant J. 18991978
Powers, Harriet American18371911
Powers, Hiram American18051873
Powers, James T. American18261899
Powers, Jane Gallatin American18681944
Powers, John M.
Powers, Longworth American18351904
Powers, Marilyn American19251976
Powers, Marion (Mrs. W.A.B. Kirkpatrick) American1962
Powers, Mary Swift American18851959
Powers, Preston 1843
Powers, Richard Gorman 19211996
Powers, Thomas 1859
Pozzatti, Rudy O. American1925
Prahar, Renee (Irene) American18801962
Prang, Louis American18241909
Prat, Loys Joseph French1879
Prather, Ralph Carlyle American18891953
Pratt, Bela Lyon American18671917
Pratt, Catherine H.B.
Pratt, Charles H. American1836
Pratt, David Foster American1918
Pratt, Dudley 18971975
Pratt, Elizabeth Southwick (Mrs. R. Winthrop) American1964
Pratt, Emmett A. 18841978
Pratt, Frances Elizabeth Usui American1913
Pratt, Fred S.
Pratt, George Dupont American18691935
Pratt, Georgia B.
Pratt, Harry Edward American1885
Pratt, Helen L. (Mrs. Bela) American1870
Pratt, Henry Cheever American18031880
Pratt, Herbert William 1904
Pratt, Inga American1906
Pratt, J.
Pratt, John American
Pratt, Joseph (Mrs.)
Pratt, Julia D. American
Pratt, Katharine American1891
Pratt, Katherine
Pratt, Kenneth
Pratt, Lorus American18561923
Pratt, M. S.
Pratt, M. T. (Mrs.)
Pratt, Marcus D.
Pratt, Matthew American17341805
Pratt, Philip H(enry) American1888
Pratt, Ralph Farman
Pratt, Robert M. 18111880
Pratt, Rosalind Clark 18571932
Pratt, Ruth
Pratt, V(irginia) Claflin (Mrs. Dudley) American1902
Preble, Donna Louise American18821979
Precht, Fred A.
Precht, Fritz American
Precourt, Virginia Strom American1916
Preibisius, Hilda Elma American19011981
Prellwitz, Edith Mitchill American18641944
Prellwitz, Henry American18651940
Prendergast, Ana Margarita
Prendergast, Charles E. American18631948
Prendergast, James Donald American19072000
Prendergast, John 1815
Prendergast, Maurice Brazil American18591923
Prendergast, Molly (Mrs. E. P.) American1908
Prentice, Levi Wells American18511935
Prentiss, Sarah Jane American18231877
Prentiss, Thomas American1920
Prescott, Katherine T. Hooper (Mrs. Harry L.) American
Prescott, Preston Lorraine American18981988
Presser, Josef American19071967
Pressler, Gene
Pressley, Daniel 19181971
Pressoir, Esther E(stelle) American19021986
Prestini, James Libero American19081993
Preston, Alice Bolam American18881958
Preston, Charles E. American
Preston, Harriet Brown American18921961
Preston, James Moore American18741962
Preston, Jessie Goodwin American1880
Preston, May (Mary) Wilson (Mrs. James M.) American18731949
Preston, William E. American1930
Prestopino, Gregorio American19071984
Preu, John D. American1913
Preuss, Charles American18031854
Preuss, Roger American1922
Preusser, Robert Ormerod American19191992
Preussl, Carl C. 1894
Prezzi, Wilma Maria American19151964
Pribble, Easton American19172003
Price, Alice Hendee American1889
Price, Chester B. American18851962
Price, Clayton Sumner American18741950
Price, Edith Ballinger American18971997
Price, Eugenia American18651923
Price, Garrett American18961979
Price, George American19011995
Price, Harold F. American19121996
Price, Irene Roberta American1900
Price, Kenneth American1935
Price, Lida Sarah American18651954
Price, M. Mary Elizabeth American18771965
Price, Margaret Evans American18881973
Price, Mary Roberts Ball (Mrs. Joseph)
Price, Norman Mills American18771951
Price, Richard Kimmell 19141983
Price, Samuel Woodson American18281918
Price, William Henry American18641940
Pride, Joy (Mrs. Tom Scott) American
Priebe, Karl American19141976
Pries, Lionel H. American18971968
Priest, Hartwell Wyse 1901
Priestman, Bertram Walter British18681951
Primus, Nelson A. American18421916
Prince, William Meade American18931951
Prinet, Rene French18611946
Pringle, Bertha Hemphill 18851935
Pringle, James
Pringle, James Fulton American17881847
Prins, (J.) Warner 1901
Prins, Benjamin Kimberly 19041980
Prinz, A. Emil
Prior, W. H.
Prior, William Henry American18061873
Prior, William Matthew American18061873
Prisbrey, Tressa (Grandma) American1895
Priscilla, Louis
Pritchard, George Thompson American18781962
Pritchard, J. Ambrose American18581905
Pritchard, Walter Howlison 18661956
Pritchett, Eunice Clay American
Probert, Sidney W. American18651919
Probst, Joachim American1913
Probst, Thorwald A. American18861948
Prochownik, Walter American1923
Procter, Burt American19011980
Proctor, Alexander Phimister American18621950
Proctor, Charles E. American18661950
Proctor, Gifford MacGregor American19122006
Prohaska, Raymond J. American19011981
Proom, Al American1933
Proper, Ida Sedgwick American18731957
Prophet, Nancy Elizabeth American18901960
Prosch, Charles 1836
Protin and Marchino,
Prow, Hallie Pace American18681945
Prud'homme, John Francis Eugene 18001892
Prunier, Arthur William American19051973
Prusheck, Harvey Gregory American18871940
Pryde, James American
Pryor, George 1824
Pryor, Roger
Pryor, Warrant
Pryor, Yvonne L. D. American18851962
Puccinelli, Raymond 19041986
Puech, Denys French18541942
Pugsley, Clarence Gordon American18881917
Puhala, Albert American19041993
Pulitzer, Muriel
Pullinger, Herbert American18781961
Pulsifer, Wilhelmina Schutz ("Mina") American18991989
Puma, Fernando American19191955
Punchatz, Don Ivan American1936
Punderson, Prudence (Mrs. T. Rossiter) 17581784
Purcell, Henry
Purcell, Joseph William American19041974
Purcell, Norah 18741967
Purdy, Albert J. American18351909
Purdy, Donald Roy American1924
Purdy, Helen American
Purdy, Maud H. American1874
Purdy, Robert Cleaver
Purifoy, Noah American19172004
Purkiss, Myrton N. Canadian19121978
Purrmann, Hans German18801966
Purser, Stuart R. American19071986
Purviance, Cora Louise American1904
Pushman, Hovsep American18771966
Pusterla, Attilio American18621941
Puthuff, Hanson Duvall American18751972
Putman, Donald American1927
Putnam, Alice Elizabeth American1909
Putnam, Arion American18701949
Putnam, Arthur American18731930
Putnam, Brenda American18901975
Putnam, Claude George, Sr. American18841955
Putnam, Grace Storey American18771947
Putnam, Sarah Gooll American18511912
Putnam, Stephen Greeley American1852
Putnam, Wallace Bradstreet American18991989
Puvis de Chavannes, Pierre French18241898
Pye, Fred American18821964
Pyle, Arnold American19081973
Pyle, Clifford C(olton) American1894
Pyle, Ellen Bernard Thompson American18761936
Pyle, Howard American18531911
Pyle, Katherine American18631938
Pyle, Margery Kathleen American1903
Pyles, Virgil E. American18911963
Pyne, Robert Lorraine American18361905
Pytlak, Leonard American1910
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