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Artist NameNationalityBornDied
Iams, John Howard American18971964
Iannelli, Alfonso American18881965
Iardella, Andrew B.
Iardella, Giuseppe
Ibbetson, James B. 1828
Ibels, Henri Gabriel French18671936
Icart, Louis French18881950
Ickes, Paul A. American1895
Igle, Jamal Yaseem
Ignatiev, Alexander American19131995
Ihlefeld, Henry American18591932
Ihlenfeld, Klaus German1934
Ikegawa, Shiro 1933
Iler, Frank M. American18521943
Iligan, Ralph W. 18941960
Illava, Karl 18961954
Illian, George John American18941932
Illman, Edward American1833
Illman, George 1824
Ilsey, Frederick Julian American18551933
Ilyin, Boris Kiril 1918
Ilyin, Gleb Alexander American18891968
Ilyin, Nadine Komov 18941977
Ilyin, Peter Alexander American18871950
Imbert, Jean Claude French1919
Imfeld, Fred M. American1927
Imhof, Joseph Adam American18711955
Imler, Edgar American18961973
Immel, Paul J. American18961964
Immerman, David American19112003
Imrey, Ferenc 18851963
Imrie, Herbert David American18851976
Indiana, Robert American1928
Indiviglia, Salvatore Joseph American1919
Ingalls, Walter American18051874
Ingels, Frank Lee American18661957
Ingels, Kathleen Beverley Robinson (Mrs.) 18821958
Ingerle, Rudolph F. American18791950
Ingersoll, Anna Warren American18871980
Ingersoll, Emma Kipling Hess American1878
Ingersoll, John American17881815
Ingersoll, John Gage American18151889
Ingersoll, Randall E.
Ingersoll, Rex Eddy American1917
Ingersoll, Susan Crook American1908
Ingersoll, T. D.
Ingersoll, Wyllys King 1909
Ingham, Charles Cromwell American17961863
Ingham-Smith, Elizabeth American
Ingle, Ella Briezes American18951981
Ingle, John Stuart American1933
Inglis, Antoinette Clark American1880
Inglis, John J. Irish18671946
Ingram, William
Ingres, Maurice 1855
Injalbert, Jean Antoine French18451933
Inman, Henry American18011846
Inman, John O'Brien American18281896
Inness, George American18251894
Inness, George, Jr. American18531926
Inokuma, Gen'ichiro Japanese19021993
Insley, Albert Babb American18421937
Insley, Will American1929
Interlandi, Phil American19242002
Inukai, Kyohei American19131985
Inverarity, Robert Bruce American19091999
Ipcar, Dahlov American1917
Ippolito, Angelo American19222002
Ipsen, Ernest Ludwig American18691951
Iredell, Russell American18891959
Irelan, Linna V. 18481914
Ireland, Beryl 18791952
Ireland, Harry C. American
Ireland, Leroy American18891970
Ireland, William Addison American18801935
Irish, George Otis American18641948
Irizarry, Carlos American1938
Irvin, Melita McCormack (Mrs. William A.S.)
Irvin, Rea American18811972
Irvine, Wilson Henry American18691936
Irving, Anna Duer American18731957
Irving, Edwin
Irving, Jay 1900
Irving, Jeannette Bowman American
Irving, Joan (Joan Irving Brandt) American1916
Irving, John Beaufain American18251877
Irving, Mary K.
Irwin, Benoni American18401896
Irwin, Edwin V. American
Irwin, Harriett (Hallie) Hyde American18761962
Irwin, Ivan M.
Irwin, Mary Brooks (Mrs. Lee Fearn Irwin) American18401919
Irwin, Robert American1928
Irwin, William Hyde American19031982
Isaacs, Andrew 18101859
Isaacs, Walter F. American18861964
Isabey, Eugene French
Isenburger, Eric American19021994
Isham, Ralph 18171848
Isham, Samuel American18551914
Isham, Sheila Eaton American1927
Iskantor, 1906
Itchkawich, David Michael American1937
Ito, Miyoko American19181983
Iungerich, Helene American18781954
Iungwirth, Irene Gayas American19131992
Ivancovich, Pauline American1914
Ivanoff, Eugene Samson 18971954
Ivanowski, Sigismund de American18751944
Iverd, Eugene American18931938
Ives, Chauncey Bradley American18101894
Ives, Elsie Caron American18641915
Ives, Halsey Cooley American18471911
Ives, James Merritt American18241895
Ives, Lewis Thomas American18331894
Ives, Neil McD(owell) American18901946
Ives, Norman American19231978
Ives, Percy American18641928
Ives, Sarah (or Sara) Noble American18641944
Ivey, John Joseph 18421910
Ivey, William 1919
Ivins, Florence W. (Mrs. W. M., Jr.)
Ivins, William
Ivory, Percy Van Eman American18831960
Ivy, Gregory Dowler American1904
Iwamoto, Ralph 1927
Iwonski, Carl G. von German18301912
Izacyro, (Isaac Jiro Matsuoka) 1930
Izant, Clarence Stephen American18841949
Izor, Estelle Peel
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