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James Crawford Thom  American  1835 -1898
Born: New York New York  
Died: Atlantic Highlands New Jersey  
Active: Ramapo New Jersey  
New York New York  1853-1859, 1873-
  France 1859-1866
London  Great Britain 1866-1873
Atlantic Highlands New Jersey  1880s-on
Addresses:  Ramapo New Jersey  (1840s-1853) 
 New York New York  (1853-1859, 1873-1874) 
   France (1859-1866) 
 London   (1866-1873) 
  New Jersey  (1880s-on) 
Studied: National Academy of Design 1853
France 1859
Ecouen, France 
Instructors: Thomas Couture 
Jean Baptiste Camille Corot 
Henri Pierre Picou 
Edouard Frere 
Exhibited: National Academy of Design 1857-1898
Royal Academy, London 1864-1873
Boston Athenaeum 
Brooklyn Art Association 1865, 1873-1885
Pennsylvania Academy of the Fine Arts 1865, 1881, 1888
Art Institute of Chicago 1889
Specialty: Painter
Style/School: Hudson River School
Subjects Known For: Portraits
(Photo not available)
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